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So, a little bit about myself and my yoga journey!  Around 20 years ago I noticed the first yoga class scheduled at my local sports centre.  I eagerly signed up curious to know what yoga is all about.  I enjoyed the classes but wasn’t hooked just yet! 

Photo of the yoga teacher at Lanta Yoga meditating.  My Yoga Journey. Koh Lanta. Thailand

I came to live on Koh Lanta in 2001 and in 2002 I noticed the first yoga class here on Koh Lanta.  I participated in a wonderful yoga class, and this time I was really inspired.  I have followed the same yoga teacher all over the island for the last 15 years and we still practice closely together today.  She had trained with and worked with Bryan Kest, so in 2014 when I discovered he was heading over this way, naturally I joined his teacher training course.  Around this time I began to see how yoga and meditation can become a lifestyle and how it can be integrated into our every day life, off the mat.

Since 2014,  I have been on an incredible journey into motherhood and am blessed with my two adorable children, Harmony and Louie.  My yoga and meditation practice has been by my side through every chapter of this journey.  By carefully listening to my body and adapting my practice, yoga has supported me through both the physical and emotional challenges  that have arisen.

Photo of the yoga teacher with her two children.  My yoga journey. Koh Lanta. Thailand.

After using Hypnobirthing techniques along with my yoga practice during my pregnancy and birth, I have learnt that by going inside ourselves, and by trusting and listening to our body we can achieve the most miraculous experience during birth.  I am keen to spread this message and therefore I have recently participated in a Hypnobirthing Practitioner course.

During the past 20 years I have learnt so much about myself and the benefits of yoga as part of my daily life and I am so excited to share my practice you.



Photo of the yoga teacher standing at Lanta Yoga shala in Koh Lanta in Thailand. My Yoga Journey.
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